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The Global EPC Project Management Forum Amsterdam 27-28-29-30 November 2023

Why Attend The Global EPC Project Management Amsterdam 2023?

Attending the Global Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Project Management Forum in Amsterdam in 2023 can offer numerous benefits for professionals in the engineering, procurement, and construction industries. Some general reasons why individuals might consider attending such forums:

  1. Networking Opportunities & Knowledge Sharing
  2. Inspiration and Motivation & Business Growth
  3. Skill Enhancement & Professional Development
  4. Exposure to Case Studies & Market Intelligence
  5. Vendor, Product Exposure & Global Perspective

Key Topics Explored

The event will provide insight from expert speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences in the forms of solo presentations, expert panel discussions and in-depth fireside chats.

  1. Digital Transformation in EPC: Exploring how technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and data analytics are transforming project planning, execution, and management.

  2. Project Risk Management: Strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks throughout the project lifecycle, including financial, technical, environmental, and operational risks.

  3. Project Execution Strategies: Exploring methodologies such as Agile and Lean in EPC project management, and how they can improve project efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance collaboration.

  4. Project Controls and Performance Measurement: Tools and techniques for monitoring project progress, tracking costs, managing schedules, and ensuring project performance aligns with objectives.

  5. Contract Management: Best practices in negotiating, drafting, and managing contracts for EPC projects, including dealing with changes, disputes, and claims.


Agile Implementation in Large-scale EPC Projects: Enhancing Flexibility and Collaboration

Revolutionizing Project Controls with AI: Predictive Analytics for Timely Decision-making

Sustainable Materials in EPC: Innovations for Green Construction and Reduced Environmental Impact

Digital Twin Technology in EPC: Creating Real-time Project Simulations for Improved Decision-making


Senior Level Speakers

Sharing real-life case studies and experiences from industries including manufacturing  logistics

 government automotive Energy
Infrastructure Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy Manufacturing Petrochemicals Mining and Minerals Transportation

And opportunity to ask questions with an allotted Q&A after each session.


Job Titles

Project Manager

Procurement Specialist

Construction Engineer

Cost Estimator

Contract Administrator

Quality Control Inspector

Project Controls Analyst

Design Engineer




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